Shernetrice Bryant: Insider Advice for Atlanta Based Entrepreneurs

Shernetrice Bryant Insider Advice for Atlanta Based Entrepreneurs
  • March 8, 2024

In Atlanta's lively startup scene, Shernetrice Bryant stands out. She promotes working together and helping each other. There are over 13k new tech graduates in Atlanta every year, and 87% have expressed a boost in confidence.

Bryant believes that united entrepreneurs face challenges better and inspire new ideas. Her efforts improve the startup world, showing how teamwork and sharing knowledge lead to success.

Atlanta's Entrepreneurial Spirit

Atlanta shines as a hub for entrepreneurs, thriving on a strong sense of collaboration. It's a place where helping each other is the norm, leading to its reputation as a top city for startups. Over 60% of Atlanta-based entrepreneurs report engaging in some form of mentorship or collaborative project with other local businesses in the past year.

Tips for Networking and Growth:

  • Get Involved Locally: Dive into Atlanta's vibrant co-working spaces and incubators scene. Attending their events can open doors to new partnerships and guidance.
  • Connect Online: Use platforms like LinkedIn and local forums to meet fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Attend Events: Workshops and meetups are golden opportunities to learn and network. Be active and open to new connections.
  • Be Authentic: When seeking mentors or collaborations, honesty and a willingness to contribute are key.

Giving Back Matters:

Remember, today's learners are tomorrow's leaders. Established business owners are encouraged to mentor newcomers. Shernetrice Bryant notes, "Mentorship is a two-way street. Today's mentees are tomorrow's mentors." This support cycle helps individuals and strengthens Atlanta's entrepreneurial community, fostering growth and innovation for all.

Shernetrice Bryant's 5 Favorite Atlanta Entrepreneurs

In our city, five standout entrepreneurs have made big waves with their groundbreaking ideas, charitable work, and huge contributions to their fields. Let's dive into their stories:

  1. Arthur Blank, the brains behind The Home Depot, transformed the world of home improvement, making his company a household name. But that's not all. He also owns the Atlanta Falcons, showing us that his vision and leadership reach far beyond retail, touching lives in Atlanta through his charity work.
  2. Shirley Raines, the force behind the Raines Company, has changed the beauty game for African American hair. Her commitment to quality hair care products has made her a trailblazer, encouraging millions of women to love their natural hair.
  3. Blake Mycoskie started TOMS Shoes with a heartwarming mission: for every pair sold, another goes to a needy child. This creative idea has helped countless children and shown the world that companies can do well by doing good.
  4. Ryan Glover, a key player in founding Cox Communications, has driven innovation in TV, media, and smart home technology. Thanks to him, Cox Communications stands tall in the American telecom industry.
  5. Sara Blakely, the genius behind Spanx, turned a simple idea into a billion-dollar empire. Her journey from door-to-door sales to becoming a self-made billionaire inspires women everywhere to chase their dreams. 63% of women have never had a formal mentor. Recently, Sara Blakely provided money and mentoring to 10 local female entrepreneurs.

These five are more than just entrepreneurs; they prove that with the right mix of vision and hard work, you can make a real difference in the world and business.

5 Must-Join Groups for Atlanta Entrepreneurs

For Atlanta's entrepreneurs eager to soar, here are five groups you should notice. They offer everything from networking and mentorship to growth boosters:

  1. Atlanta Technology Village (ATV): It's more than a co-working space. To skyrocket your venture, you'll get mentorship from tech pros, workshops, and investor connections. Dive into Atlanta Technology Village for more.
  2. The Gathering Spot: Focused on uplifting Black and brown entrepreneurs, this spot offers co-working, education, and events to build community and propel your growth. Explore The Gathering Spot for details.
  3. Atlanta Small Business Network (ASBN): Your destination for networking, learning through workshops, and essential perks like business discounts and health insurance, all to back your business adventure. Check out Atlanta Small Business Network for more.
  4. Women in Technology Atlanta (WITA): Aimed at advancing women in tech, WITA delivers education, networking, and mentorship to help you thrive in the tech world. Visit Women in Technology Atlanta to learn more.
  5. The Atlanta Chapter of the Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO): With EO Atlanta, unlock exclusive events, mentorship from business mavens, and resources for business growth. Membership requires an application and fees, but it's your ticket to a global entrepreneur network. Find out more at Entrepreneurs' Organization Atlanta.

Joining any of these groups can significantly boost your entrepreneurial journey in Atlanta by providing unmatched support, knowledge, and connections vital for startups and established businesses.

About Shernetrice Bryant

Shernetrice Bryant is an inspiring figure with a strong background in education and e-commerce. After graduating from Fort Pierce West Wood High School, she went to Indian River State College to build her skills. Her career began at Amazon Seller Support, where she excelled in customer service and problem-solving. Now, at Prime Therapeutics, Shernetrice uses her expertise to excel in a new setting. Having moved from Fort Pierce, Florida, to Atlanta, she's shown she's not afraid of new challenges. Shernetrice's journey from a diligent student to a professional making waves in her field is a testament to her dedication and drive to succeed.


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