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Lydia Keith Shares How to Stay Focused at Work and Home

Generally, without a clear separation between one’s career and personal life, it could be challenging to create a balance between the two essential areas of one’s life so as to stay focused while at work and to be able to unwind from work and become emotionally available at home after work hours. 

Without this clear separation, you may realize that affairs from your personal life might be interfering with your daily output or goals at your workplace. In the same way, you might also realize that you hardly unwind from work as you find yourself checking your email for work/office updates even while at a family dinner. The effects of this lack of balance are apparent.

Lydia Keith, CEO of Recycle Technologies, discusses how you can achieve this balance to stay focused at work and home without interference or unnecessary interruptions.

Organization at work is a critical component of productivity. When you are organized, productivity comes to you naturally. “To achieve organization at work, you need to set your goals, outline your priorities, have everything you need within reach, and keep non-essentials or distracting materials out of your workspace. You also need to set boundaries to avoid distractions from other areas of your life; however, with the presence of technology, it could be challenging to maintain these boundaries. This means that you need to apply some level of strictness with those boundaries if you want them to be effective. While at work, ask your friends and family not to interrupt except for cases where there’s an emergency,” says Lydia Keith.

After a long day at work, the least you can do for yourself is to take some time off to let your mind and body relax and to spend time with your loved ones. You do not only need to set boundaries while at work against interruptions from home, but you also need to ensure to break away entirely from all work-related activities once work hours are over. Avoid checking emails or using the computer when you should be spending time with your loved ones. You can even switch off your phone and other gadgets to ensure that you become 100% available, physically, and emotionally once you are at home.

“Unwinding from work is not only beneficial to your personal life since you get to pay more attention to other things that matter, but you get the chance to rest up so as to turn up to work the next day with a rested mind and body, fully refreshed, and ready to be productive,” says Lydia Keith.  

“If you are looking to stay motivated every day, it is important that you seek balance. We all have to do things we don’t really like from time to time; however, without doing other things we enjoy, life might feel unsatisfying. It would help if you incorporated fun and enjoyment into your life to make it easier for you to cope with your day to day responsibilities. Consider taking up new fun hobbies such as theater, cooking, landscaping, painting, etc. to take your mind off things from time to time,” says Lydia Keith.

About Lydia Keith

Lydia Keith is an experienced business professional who started at Recycle Technologies after it was purchased. Her ability to learn quickly, her organizational skills, as well as her knowledge of government requirements and guidelines is incredibly beneficial to Recycle Technologies where she is CEO.

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