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The use of Solar Energy to either offset utility costs or to move entirely away from the established power grid continues to be an ever-improving option for many home and business owners in Southern New Mexico. While the basics of most solar energy systems and somewhat easy to comprehend, assuring the installation of an appropriate array designed to meet specific customer’s needs can be difficult and costly, especially with a growing number of variously qualified service providers.

Southern New Mexico-based owners and licensed contractors with New Mexico Water and Electric are not only fully qualified and experienced with the installation of all types of solar energy systems, they are fully versed in both the benefits and often misleading information relating to the current federal rebate program and other available support for customers.

New Mexico Water and Electric also reminds our potential customers how the installation of most residential systems will involve a considerable amount of roof work. This factor makes it critical to make sure the installation process is not only professionally executed, but also raises questions about how non-local firms might respond, or not respond when eventual roofing repairs or replacement becomes necessary. NMWE customers secure a reliable connection for followup repairs, maintenance assistance, and other services by our experts.

Whether your looking to supplement power for your home or business, or looking to install a system to be completely independent from the power grid, New Mexico Water and Electric is fully qualified and prepared to help you realize your goals.

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