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OnMyWay Sponsorship: Discover Everything You Need to Know

Since its release in August 2019, the On My Way app has gone viral and is steadily increasing in popularity as the only app that literarily pays you to do what you should be doing, to not text and drive. 

Recently, distracted driving has reached almost an epidemic level. It is estimated that one-third of all car accidents are related to distracted driving. People can hardly resist the urge to take a peek at their phones when a notification sound goes off, even while they are behind the wheels. This dangerous behavior stems from the belief that they can multi-task, but by so doing, such drivers put their lives and others in danger.

This is where the On My Way app comes in.

Rewarding users with On My Way cash for every mile they drive over 10MPH and not text.

Once installed, the OnMyWay app works automatically in the background and tracks when your car is moving at over 10 miles per hour, and your phone stays locked. Passengers also get rewarded if they keep their phones locked through a drive over 10MPH.

However, users can access their maps, music, and Bluetooth and still get rewarded for their safe miles as long as their phones remain in the locked position.

Users can also accumulate additional OnMyWay cash if they refer their friends to sign up with their unique codes, plus they also get paid for their direct On My Way referral code. 

There is no limit to the number of persons a user can refer to, and there’s no limit to the miles you can get paid on. This means you can accumulate as much On My Way cash as you can.

Since its launch, the OnMyWay app has acquired over 2 million subscribers and counting, and it has succeeded in preventing over 19,000 accidents. 

Currently, the company is working on sponsorship deals with universities, employees, health care providers, and insurance companies who want to motivate their customers to drive safely and get paid.

OnMyWay is also open to partnership with advertisers who wish to take advantage of the opportunity the company offers to get their business out to OnMyWay’s over 2 million subscribers and more.  

OnMyWay Advertising

On My Way Drive Safe, Get Paid

In recent times in the advertising market, mobile advertising has become one of the most sought-after sectors for publishers and advertisers alike. While there are so many startups operating in this sector, the OnMyWay driving app is one of the best with great potentials in the mobile advertising space. 

The company has created an economy that makes a difference and, at the same time, profitable. With OnMyWay Business, business owners have a great chance of increasing their profits. It is more cost-effective for 90.4% of companies. 

Both small and large companies can gain National exposure with apps like On My Way.

  • Online stores
  • restaurants
  • subscription products
  • hair salons
  • spas
  • retail stores
  • coffee shops
  • furniture stores
  • insurance companies
  • local services
  • grocery stores
  • consumer goods
  • auto services

And any other business that wants to expand their customer base can achieve that with On My Way sponsorship. 

They offer free branding for their clients, and you pay $0 for ad impressions and only pay for clicks. With the way advertising is set up, you only pay OnMyWay when a customer actually makes a purchase from you. OnMyWay users are verified by drivers’ license scan.

In the end, it’s a win-win case for your business, your customers, and for OnMyWay’s distracted driving solution.

On My Way Sponsorship

OnMyWay offers a platform that seeks to stop the trend of texting and driving by rewarding users for doing what is right. Also, it provides a chance for business advertisers who want to expand their customer base.

Your business can benefit significantly from the free exposure OnMyWay offers, and you only pay when a customer actually buys from you.

Apps like On My Way that seeks to make a difference and reduce accidents resulting from distracted driving, which can potentially hurt your customers, you, or your loved ones.

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