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Theragun or Hypervolt: Which is Better?

A massage works wonders to relieve tense muscles, stress, knots of pressure, or soreness, but making weekly trips to the spa or chiropractor can rack up a huge bill and disrupt your daily plans.

Luckily, you can now get a high-quality massage from the comfort of your home with a personal hand massage machine. 

Theragun vs. Hypervolt, two of the most sought after personal massage brands, use percussive therapy to warm and cool your muscles as you knead into them for relief. While the two have similar handheld designs with comparable objectives, the two vary in speed and sound, accessibility, and battery life. 

Below is a comparison of the two devices and their accompanying models to prove which one is the superior personal massager based on a few significant features.   


The Theragun comes in various options, such as the Theragun G3Pro, Theragun Prime, and the Theragun Elite, all of which offer professional-grade massages in different ways depending on the user’s wants and needs. Even with varying modifications, the Theragun supplies relatively the same standard quality capabilities for each, such as speed, sound, accessibility, and battery life. 


While vibrating massagers primarily work in rapid bursts that desensitize the skin, the Theragun’s percussive therapy controls the speed at which it applies pressure. The Theragun Prime, Theragun Elite, and Theragun G3Pro travel 16 millimeters deep into the tissue and come off the skin 40 times per second. 

Overall for the three devices, the speed ranges between 1,750 and 2,400 pulses per minute. While still rapid, the device targets the source of tension without letting the brain acclimate and numb the area. 

If one speed isn’t enough, the Theragun allows for speed customization, meaning you can choose the speed you want from five different options available in the Bluetooth compatible Theragun app. 


Percussive therapy provides fast, short bursts of pressure to the muscles that need it. With this movement comes a sound not unlike that which accompanies a vibrating tool. A loud or harsh sound accompanying the massage device is less than desirable, especially in public settings such as the gym. 

The Theragun G3Pro and Theragun Prime come complete with insulation to lessen the sound while maintaining power. The company designed the Theragun’s motor with their trademark QuietForce Technology. While all of the Theragun models pride themselves on their quietness, the Theragun Elite is the three models’ quietest. 


Interchangeable, varied device head designs will provide more relief depending on the location of muscle soreness or type of relief the user needs. The Theragun has up to six different attachments, including the supersoft attachment, dampener, wedge, standard ball, thumb, and cone. 

All of the attachments, made of non-porous cell-foam, provide a soft, buoyant impact and allow for an easy clean. 

Battery Life

The Theragun Prime and Theragun Elite provide at least 120 minutes of continuous use for a single charge. However, the Theragun G3Pro comes with two rechargeable batteries providing 150 minutes for each. The batteries are interchangeable, so if the user is at the gym and the device dies, they can switch out one battery for the next to keep it going. 

The Theragun G3Pro is also compatible with its wireless charging stand, so it can get charged on the go or when it’s not in use.  


Much like the Theragun, the Hypervolt comes in different models, such as the base Hypervolt and the more technologically advanced Hypervolt Plus. The designs of the two differ, but their objectives remain the same; providing the optimal percussive massage. 

To compare the Hypervolt models to the Theragun variations, consider the differences in speed, sound, accessibility, battery life, and size.


The Hypervolt offers three different speeds available from the Bluetooth Hyperice app delivering between 2,000 and 3,200 rapid bursts of pressure per minute with a depth of 16 millimeters. Compared to the base Hypervolt model, the Hypervolt Plus supplies 30% more power. 

Both instruments provide high-quality speed and pressure, along with a patented pressure sensor to appropriately accommodate the user’s needs. With its power, the Hypervolt remains gentle to provide necessary tension relief without damaging or desensitizing muscles.  


While some massage devices vibrate eardrums alongside muscles, the Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus generation provide a practically silent massaging experience, which is especially coveted when used in public places or neck or shoulder muscles close to the user’s ears.

Because of Hypervolt’s patented QuiteGlide technology, the device minimizes sound as much as possible, leaving you with a nearly silent massaging experience without sacrificing quality.  


The Hypervolt comes with five varying head attachments for different types of relief its user needs for all types of muscles. One of the more unique gadgets is the forkhead allowing alleviation in hard to reach places such as between the shoulder blades. Accompanying the forkhead, the Hypervolts comes with a bullet, round, flat, and cushion attachment.  

Battery Life

To keep up with its user’s active lifestyle and massaging needs, the Hypervolt has capable, long-lasting battery life. The Hypervolt’s lithium-ion battery lasts up to three hours of continuous use on a single charge from a single battery.

When it comes time to charge the device, the battery comes with a nifty wall charger for simple use so the user won’t have to make room for the entire device on a countertop or near an outlet.   


The Theragun vs. Hypervolt models have similar lightweight, handheld designs for easy maneuvering around the body, even to hard-to-reach spots. Within their sleek, tight designs and compact motors, the devices provide powerful relief to sore muscles and tense tissues with varying speeds. 

Aside from their similarities, the devices differ when looking at their specific features. Overall, the Hypervolt Plus is the better personal massager. In comparison to the Theragun Elite, G3Pro, and Prime, the Hypervolt is: quieter (practically silent), offers more diverse head attachments, has a more straightforward charging design, delivers a gentle yet powerful percussive therapy, and ultimately has a faster power delivery. 

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