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VillaFay Properties Provides Housing Near K-State

No matter where you go to college the one thing that you will always need is student housing.

Apart from books and money for living expenses, student housing is something that you will need to think about.

While there is the option of living on campus, most students prefer staying off-campus for several reasons.

In this article, we feature VillaFay Properties. A Manhattan, KS student housing solution with properties a short walk from the KSU campus.

Let’s discuss some of the potential benefits of off-campus student housing.

The benefits of K-State off-campus housing

The students who stay off-campus have the following benefits to enjoy.

1. Independence

Living off-campus gives you independence and a taste of how adult life would feel. If you are staying in an apartment alone, you have all the space to yourself, where you can do other things that will build you as a person.

There is the freedom to furnish the residence, invite whoever you want, and privacy, something you might be unable to enjoy if you are living on campus.

The freedom that comes with staying off-campus is so sweet and refreshing that you wouldn’t want it any other way.

2. Personal bathroom

It is everyone’s dream and wishes to have their own bathroom. Well, not all on-campus accommodations have shared bathrooms, but some do.

However, with off-campus living, you are guaranteed that your bathroom is yours alone. 

3. Fewer distractions

Something that most people don’t often consider when finding accommodation is quiet and the absence of distractions.

Being around students in on-campus housing is something you will not really enjoy.

Friends to your roommate will visit and chat and laugh the night away while you have a literature exam to prepare for. 

These distractions may deny you the chance to study effectively, and in some cases, you might be forced to leave your house to find somewhere quiet to read.

Since off-campus accommodations are quiet and private, you can study any time you wish to with zero distractions.

More so, you will not be inconvenienced by being forced to leave to find somewhere else to study.

Off-campus housing will give you an invaluable real-world experience that will come in handy once you graduate.

It also gives you an opportunity to build your rental history, which will make it easy for you to rent houses once you are done with school.

Student housing in Manhattan, Kansas

You can get affordable housing in Manhattan, Kansas, off-campus. Villa Fay Properties have houses for fraternities, dormitories, sororities and individual housing.

VillaFay properties have 40 years of experience in providing housing for students at K-State. They have a wide range of units from 1-8 bedrooms to suit different student accommodation and needs.

The units include 1 to 8 bedroom properties situated next to the Kansas State University Campus

VillaFay Properties are designed with the needs of students in mind. If you are looking for off-campus accommodation, then look no further.

You can call VillaFay any time during the week for queries, or visit the offices on appointment.

VillaFay Properties Headquarters

2103 Abbott Cir

Manhattan, KS 66503

Make VillaFay Properties your off-campus accommodation partner, and enjoy all the benefits of living outside campus in a private, serene, and safe environment.

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