Bayan Jaber: ABA Therapy Linked to 80% Surge in Social Interaction

  • April 13, 2024

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy has been a cornerstone in the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

According to Bayan Jaber, an expert in educational psychology and applied behavior analysis, ABA therapy can significantly improve social interactions by up to 80%. This article explores the benefits and principles of ABA therapy, underlining the significant strides made in the field by professionals like Bayan Jaber.

Understanding ABA Therapy

ABA therapy is a systematic teaching approach that involves breaking down skills into small, manageable steps and using behavioral reinforcement to foster positive changes.

The therapy is primarily used to help individuals with ASD enhance their social interactions, communication skills, and adaptive learning skills, among other areas.

Critical Benefits of ABA Therapy

  • Enhanced Social Interactions: ABA techniques can substantially improve social interactions among children with ASD. This is particularly evident in how children learn to initiate and maintain conversations and how they engage in play with peers.
  • Improved Communication Skills: Many children receiving ABA therapy experience significant verbal and non-verbal communication advances.
  • Behavioral Improvements: ABA helps decrease behavior issues by replacing undesirable behaviors with positive ones and increasing the child's ability to manage their actions.

A Proponent of Early Intervention

Bayan Jaber, holding a Master's degree in Educational Psychology and a BCBA certification from Wayne State University, has long advocated for the early initiation of ABA therapy. Research supports that beginning therapy before age three can yield the most pronounced benefits. Jaber's educational background also includes a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Saint Elizabeth University, which provides her with a unique perspective on behavioral interventions.

As the Regional Clinical Director and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst at Discovery ABA Therapy in the N.C. East Region, Bayan has been crucial in supervising clinical operations and managing case activities. Her leadership has improved clinical practices and facilitated substantial growth in service areas through effective outreach and community engagement.

Importance of Intensive Therapy

The effectiveness of ABA therapy often correlates with its intensity. Studies suggest that 20-30 hours per week of targeted therapy can yield optimal results. This level of intensity helps ensure that children have enough practice to master new skills and transfer these skills across various environments and situations.

About Bayan Jaber

Bayan Jaber's path in behavior analysis began at Wayne State University and continued at Saint Elizabeth University. Here, she built a solid foundation in psychology and behavior analysis, gaining the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed for success in this field.

Bayan earned her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis, showing her commitment and expertise. Licensed in Michigan, she actively participates in the Certified Ohio Behavior Analysts, helping to raise standards in her field.

Professional Skills in Assessments

Bayan excels in using critical behavioral assessments such as the Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP), the Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills-Revised (ABLLS-R), and the Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS). These tools help her create customized plans for individuals with developmental disorders, ensuring precise evaluation and effective treatments.

Leadership at Discovery ABA Therapy

As the Regional Clinical Director at Discovery ABA Therapy for the NC East Region, Bayan oversees clinical operations and manages a variety of cases. Her leadership has boosted the quality of service and outreach, promoting an environment focused on evidence-based practices and exceptional client care.

Previous Roles and Contributions

Before this role, Bayan sharpened her clinical supervision and case management skills at Comfort Therapeutic Services and Chitter Chatter P.C. These experiences prepared her well for her leadership at Discovery ABA Therapy, enhancing her ability to lead teams and focus on client-centered care.

Advocacy for Professional Development

Bayan is also dedicated to professional development in behavior analysis. She champions training and mentoring new analysts, emphasizing diversity and inclusion. Her efforts ensure new professionals are ready to meet varied client needs and effectively handle diverse clinical situations.


Bayan Jaber's contributions to the ABA therapy field underscore this therapeutic approach's transformative potential. By advocating for early and intensive behavioral interventions, Jaber has helped many individuals with ASD to improve their quality of life significantly. Her dedication and leadership in applied behavior analysis continue to inspire and promote best practices that lead to meaningful, lasting changes in the lives of those affected by ASD.

ABA therapy remains a vital, evidence-based method for helping individuals with ASD develop essential life skills and increase their ability to interact socially. Through the work of professionals like Bayan Jaber, the reach and efficacy of ABA therapy continue to expand, offering hope and improved outcomes for many.

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